White Paper: Neutral Grounding Resistor Monitoring

White Paper:

电阻接地可防止许多与未接地和固化接地的配电和电气利用系统相关的问题。 电阻接地可以限制故障点的损坏,消除瞬态过电压,减少闪弧危险,限制人员接触到的电压,并为基于电流的选择性接地故障检测和协调提供适当的跳闸级别。

Download this white paper for insights on:

  • Charging current
  • 接地故障检测
  • Ground-fault coordination
  • Reasons to monitor the neutral-grounding resistor
  • Problems associated with monitoring the neutral-grounding resistor
  • NGR monitor design requirements

For more information regarding neutral grounding resistor monitoring visit: Littelfuse.com/NGRmonitoring