Achieving Electrical Safety By Design

Designing safety into plant and facility
electrical systems

Creating a safe work environment and reducing accidents are critical to any industrial facility. Electrical incidents damage equipment and create downtime, but even worse, injure and kill people.

通常第一道防线是PPE,但这并不意味着它是最有效的。 显然,有必要加强控制,以减少电气危害的风险和发生率。 预防和消除都更加有效,并且在某些安全控制点上,可以使用组件来设计工厂电气系统的安全性。

Download the White Paper to learn how incorporating both new electrical components and upgrading components in older facilities will greatly improve overall electrical safety.

This white paper covers:

绿色方形公告牌 Reducing risk of electrical shock
绿色方形公告牌 Reducing incident energy levels
绿色方形公告牌 Stopping arc-flash situations before they stop you
绿色方形公告牌 Updating for safety in older facilities
绿色方形公告牌 Using remote diagnostics to avoid exposure to panels 


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