SCCR labeling requirements create a safe installation and help manufacturers, owners and managers meet OSHA regulations and NFPA codes and standards.

Both the NEC and OSHA forbid equipment from being located near any point where the available short-circuit current is more than what the equipment can withstand.

Available fault currents are increasing in industrial facilities due to a continuously increasing demand for electric power. When available fault currents at the equipment exceed the panel's SCCR, there can be catastrophic results.

Current-limiting fuses can optimize a panel to give it a strong competitive advantage over molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) so long as SCCR is considered in its design. Most MCCBs do not provide adequate SCCRs.

The most traditional way to increase a panel's low SCCR that is caused from an MCCB is to replace the MCCB with current-limiting fuses. But after making this improvement to the panel, how can you increase the panel's SCCR even further?